The Youth Development Agency
The Youth Development Agency

What we do

We specialise in developing, delivering and supporting experiential learning for 11 to 30 year olds, through which organisations working with young people can provide non-formal educational opportunities.

We are also educational consultants who work with schools, operators of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and other organisations where young people are present. We support them to develop their non-formal educational activities and to achieve their strategic objectives.


Youth development programmes

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Having worked for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation we believe we are the best provider of Adventurous Journeys and Residential Projects for Award participants. We have the practical skills, the educational background and a deep philosophical understanding of what the Award requires for young people to get the most from their participation. We help Award Leaders to provide the best experience for their young people, whilst making it as straightforward as possible for them to do so.

As a licensed ‘International Trained Activity Provider’ (ITAP) for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, as well as a licensed ‘Registered Activity Provider’ (RAP) for the Award in the USA we are a trusted provider for the Award around the world and offer exciting Adventurous Journey and Residential Project opportunities for young people at locations around the world.

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This educational game for primary children, developed in Canada, engages them in a fun game of tag with foam swords. It provides an exciting way to develop creativity through role play in a fantasy world. We are pleased to be partnering with Katag to take this exciting game around the world.

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Student leadership

Having developed student leadership models in the UK we want to use our experience to support young people to become global leaders. Through our programmes we enable young people to discover their unique skills and talents, and to understand how they can use these to become thought leaders and changemakers of the future.

Summer camps

Summer camps are a great way for young people to experience new adventures and meet other like-minded people from around the world. Our summer camps are not only fun but are a great opportunity to learn. From first aid to leadership and teamwork, each one is packed full of adventure.


Educational programmes and consultancy

Educational trips abroad

Education is at the heart of everything we do at the Youth Development Agency. This is why we support schools and teachers in offering exciting field study trips to locations throughout the Mediterranean. Our IGCSE, A Level and IB geography, history and biology trips take school groups to locations in Italy, Malta, Cyprus and the French Alps that really make the curriculum come alive.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Training

We want to help Award Units to grow and therefore support more young people to undertake the Award. We can provide Adventurous Journey training for participants, help schools develop their own Award related programme and train staff to deliver it, or we can provide templates and other materials to make delivery easier for staff.

National Award Operator consultancy

Having been at the heart of national Award development during our time at The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation, we are experienced in building national infrastructure. We support National Award Operators to grow by developing training packages which build understanding of the Award and reinforce the quality of its delivery. We can also help them to grow the Award’s reach and diversity through partnerships with national organisations such as rugby and football associations, youth offending services and police forces.

International education consulting

We provide consulting services to international school groups on their non-formal education programmes, as well as on the development of their wider strategy and business management. With a strong background in organisational development and marketing we can help organisations to identify gaps in their provision, and to formulate short, medium and long term plans for growth.


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