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Here's what some of the people we've worked with say about us

"To other teachers I would say, The Youth Development Agency take all the hassle out of it, you get top support, everything’s handled, and we’re able to just sit back and relax and let the kids achieve what they’re supposed to achieve."

Bob Ferry, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Leader

"As a teacher it’s been absolutely fabulous. I think this must be one of the easiest school trips I’ve been on… [The highlight has been] watching the children really grow from strength to strength, starting out unsure, not having much confidence, and ending with the last day where they just went for it and were walking really confidently, and seemed quite pleased with themselves."

Melissa, teaching staff, British International School, Jeddah

"Thank you for spending time enriching the lives of young people across the globe. You’ve impacted my life greatly and I’m very thankful for this program!"

Rosie, Adventurous Journey participant, USA